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Composition coordinate of the transition point in phase diagrams with polymorphous transformation of one component

I. Koštenská

Department of Inorganic Technology, Slovak Technical University, 880 37 Bratislava


Abstract: The rule of constancy of the product of the transition point coorinate and the Stortenbeker correction factor was theor. derived for binary systems without solid solns., but with a component showing a polymorphous transformation. This rule holds with a satisfactory accuracy in the interval 0.9 ≤xi<1 (xi being the compn. coordinate of the transition point). For exptl. verification, the liquidus curve of BaCl2 was measured using the TA method in the systems BaCl2-NaCl, BaCl2-NaF, and BaCl2-Na2SO4 in the vicinity of the transition point. The rule of constancy was obeyed very satisfactorily with all 3 systems investigated. The course of the liquidus curve of BaCl2 was analyzed thermodynamically applying CTC I and CTC III (criterion of thermodn. consistency I and III). The calcd. and the measured values showed a very good agreement.

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Chemical Papers 30 (4) 446–457 (1976)

Saturday, August 08, 2020

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