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Study of the relations between the standard potentials in an electrochemical system of the type M0, Ma+, Mb+, Mc+, Md+

M. Malinovský and A. Reháková

Slovak. Tech. Univ., Bratislava


Abstract: A math. treatment is given the title subject. By application of equil. consts. to the soln. of problems in detg. the relative magnitude of std. potentials it is shown that 30 equations exist for the relations between std. potentials and the no. of ions of different types. These relations upon modification gave 10 basic dependences, each of which contain 3 different std. potentials which in turn gave 1024 inequalities between the different std. potentials. An anal. of these inequalities shows that 10 std. potentials occurring in systems of the given type, may be arranged with respect to their relative magnitude in 62 basic modes, the greater part of which provides a multiple valued soln. of the given problems.

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Chemical Papers 31 (1) 3–16 (1977)

Sunday, June 23, 2024

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