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Determination of the esterification degree of the pectin of different origin and composition by the method of infrared spectroscopy

M. P Filippov, G. A Shkolenko, and R. Kohn

Institute of Chemistry, Moldavian Academy of Sciences, 277 028 Kishinev, USSR


Abstract: The change in IR spectra of pectin films of different origin accompanying the transformation of K pectinate into K pectate was investigated. The intensity ratio of the bands (νas(COO-) at 1608 cm-1 and ν(C:O)ester at 1745 cm-1, corresponding to fully deesterified pectin and Me pectate, resp., is a const. independent of the source of pectin as well as the pectin compn. Measurement of absorbances in the max. of these bands can be used to det. the degree of esterification of pectins from various sources with an abs. error of ±1.3%.

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Chemical Papers 32 (2) 218–222 (1978)

Monday, June 24, 2024

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