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Cobalt(II) selenites

M. Ebert, Z. Mička, and I. Peková

Department of Inorganic Chemistry, Faculty of Natural Sciences, Charles University, 128 40 Prague


Abstract:  The solubility diagram of CoSeO3 —SeO2 —H2O at 298 К was studied for the first time; on the basis of this diagram, the dihydrate of cobalt(II) hydrogenselenite, Co(HSeO3)2 . 2H2O, was prepared. The CoSeO, 2H2O and Co(HSeO3)2 -2H2O selenites were studied by the powder X-ray technique and by infrared molecular and electronic reflectance spectroscopy and their mag­ netic properties were determined. The force constants of the bonds between selenium and oxygen were found from the infrared spectra: 454 N m-1 for CoSeO, 2H2O, 541 N m-1 in the SeO, group, and 307 N m-1   in the SeOH group for Co(HSeO3)2 . 2H2O. Weak to strong hydrogen bonds between the water molecules and the anions, between water molecules, and between anions are present in both selenites. Study of the electronic reflectance spectra and of the magnetic properties indicated octahedral arrangement of the coordination sphere of the cobalt(II) cation, yielding a weak crystal field with a high-spin arrangement.

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Chemical Papers 36 (2) 169–177 (1982)

Wednesday, September 30, 2020

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