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Use of cerium(III) in the determination of calcium and strontium by flame emission spectrometry

Š. Melník, Š. Bartha, and M. Dobiaš

Institut für Radioökologie und Ausnutzung der Kerntechnik, 040 61 Košice


Abstract: Elimination of chem. interferences in flame emission spectroscopic detn. of Ca and Sr by the std. additive method in the presence of Ce enables fast and accurate detn. of these elements in soils and plant material. Ce repressed the neg. effect of Al on emission. It is recommended that Ce compds. be used in minimal concn. of 1000 μg Ce(III) ml-1. The results obtained by this method were compared with those of La addn. method.

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Chemical Papers 36 (3) 369–377 (1982)

Friday, February 23, 2024

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