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Conductometric study of the composition of aluminum chloride-lithium aluminum hydride AICl3—LiAIH4 electrolyte in tetrahydrofuran

M. Galová

Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Metallurgy, Technical University, 043 85 Košice


Abstract: Solution consisting of LiAIH4 and AlCl3 in tetrahydrofuran is suitable electrolyte for aluminium electrodeposition. The components of the solution undergo chemical reaction the products of which are ionized particles: Li+ cation and complex anions of the general formula AlClmH-4-m, m being given by the mole ratio of both components. The conductance of the mixed solution is therefore higher than that of the single components solution. The maximum conductance is reached at the mole ratio 2LiAIH4: AlCl3 where the optimum anionic complex formation occurs. The excess of AlCl3 over this ratio causes more remarkable decrease in conductance than the excess ofLiAIH4. Aluminium exists in this solution dominantly in the form of anions and neutral molecules. Increase in the total electrolyte concentration results, at the suitable mole ratio of the components, in a linear increase of the conductivity.

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Chemical Papers 36 (6) 791–797 (1982)

Monday, February 26, 2024

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