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High gravity batch and continuous processes for beer production: Evaluation of fermentation performance and beer quality

Daniel P. Silva, Tomáš Brányik, Giuliano Dragone, António A. Vicente, José A. Teixeira, and João B. Almeida e Silva

Department of Biotechnology, Engineering School of Lorena, University of São Paulo, P.O.Box116, 12602-810 Lorena-SP, Brazil



Received: 31 March 2007  Revised: 31 July 2007  Accepted: 3 August 2007

Abstract: This study deals with two innovative brewing processes, high gravity batch and complete continuous beer fermentation systems. The results show a significant influence of the variables such as concentration and temperature on the yield factor of the substrate into ethanol and consequently on the productivity of the high gravity batch process. The technological feasibility of continuous production of beer based on yeast immobilization on cheap alternative carriers was also demonstrated. The influence of process parameters on fermentation performance and quality of the obtained beers was studied by sensorial analysis. No significant difference in the degree of acceptance between the obtained products and some traditional market brands was found.

Keywords: beer - fermentation - high gravity - continuous - immobilization - sensorial analysis

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DOI: 10.2478/s11696-007-0076-6


Chemical Papers 62 (1) 34–41 (2008)

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