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Simultaneous addition of lithium fluoride and magnesium fluoride in the aluminum electrolysis

K. Grjotheim and K. Matiašovský

Department of Chemistry, University of Oslo, Blindem, N-Oslo 3, Norway


Abstract: The fundamental condition for increasing the current efficiency in aluminium electrolysis is the lowering of the operational temperature. This can be achieved by means of additives to the conventional electrolyte. The requirements which must be fulfilled by the additive are formulated. The influences of various potential additives on the important physicochemical properties of the electrolyte and on the industrially important parameters of the aluminium electrolysis are compared. It has been found that of all additives tested, LiF and MgF2 are best suited. The possibility of their simultaneous application is discussed and tentative "optimum concentrations" of the additives are suggested.

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Chemical Papers 37 (3) 409–424 (1983)

Thursday, June 13, 2024

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