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1H NMR study of N-(o-hydroxybenzyl)iminodiacetic acid and its complexes with lanthanum and lutetium

P. Novomeský, L. Sirotková, and J. Majer

Department of Analytical Chemistry, Faculty of Pharmacy, Komenský University, CS-832 32 Bratislava


Abstract: Dependence of chem. shifts of the 1H NMR signals of nonlabile protons in N-(o-hydroxybenzyl)iminodiacetic acid (HBIDA) in its D2O solns. on pD was utilized for investigation of successive dissocn. of 3 protons of the HBIDA functional groups. In the HBIDA anion HL2-, formation is suggested of a Hy bond between the phenolic group and N atom of the amino group. The formation of LaL, LaL2, LuL, and LuL2 complexes was found from the pD dependence of proton chem. shifts in the systems where the ratio of c(La(III)) and/or c(Lu(III)) to c(HBIDA) equals 1:1 and 1:2, resp. In these complexes, the O atoms of 2 carboxylate groups are coordinated, as well as the amino group N atom and O one of the phenolic group. The bonds Lu-N are nonlabile in LuL2 complex, in the other complexes all coordination bonds were labile. Two mols. of HBIDA bonded to Lu in the LuL2 complex are equiv., while 2 glycinate rings of each HBIDA mol. are mutually nonequivalent.

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Chemical Papers 38 (3) 351–361 (1984)

Friday, June 14, 2024

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