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Nucleophilic vinyl substitution Synthesis and stereochemistry of new enamino ketones of furan series

J. Kristofčák, J. Kováč, M. Dandárová, and D. Végh

Department of Organic Chemistry, Slovak Technical University, CS-812 37 Bratislava


Abstract: On nucleophilic displacement of chlorine in (E)-l-(2-furyl)-3-chloro-2-propen-1-one with primary aromatic amines and secondary aliphatic and alicyclic amines enamino ketones have been obtained. While the products with secondary amines retained the original E configuration of the molecule, the configuration of the products with aromatic primary amines was changed totally. Alternative methods for the preparation of some enamino ketones, utilizing the reactions of 2-acetylfuran and furfurylideneacetone with dimethylformamide dimethyl acetal and Gold salt, respectively, are presented. Stereochemistry of the prepared enamino ketones has been studied by 1H NMR spectroscopy.

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Chemical Papers 40 (5) 665–672 (1986)

Thursday, July 09, 2020

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