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Electrolytic metal-coating in molten-salts

K. Matiašovský, P. Fellner, M. Chrenková-Paučírová, Ž. Lubyová, and A. Silný

Institute of Inorganic Chemistry, Centre for Chemical Research, Slovak Academy of Sciences, CS-84236 Bratislava


Abstract: Electrolytic coating of metals appears to be a promising field of exploita­tion of molten salts and is gaining a steadily increasing interest in the surface technology, namely in the anticorrosive protection and surface hardening of various metallic substrates. The main advantages of the electrolytic metal coating in molten salts in comparison with the conventional methods are simultaneously the high rate and the possibility of an exact regulation of the coating process. Based on the characteristic features of the electrodeposition, the reviewed processes were divided into four groups: (i) Coating by low-melting heavy metals (ii) Aluminium-plating (iii) Coating by refractory metals (iv) Formation of diffusion coatings For each group, the problems involved are demonstrated in detail for one typical metal or element whilst the plating processes by other metals of the respective group only are concisely surveyed.

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Chemical Papers 41 (4) 527–565 (1987)

Thursday, June 13, 2024

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