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Infrared polarization reflectance spectra of the single crystal of natural natrolite

F. Pechar and D. Rykl

Institute of Geology and Geotechnics, Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences, CS-182 09 Prague


Abstract: Infrared polarization reflectance spectra of a single crystal of natural natrolite were measured in a normal and parallel orientation to its crys­tallography c-axis. The spectra were monitored in the wavenumber range 20—2500 cm-1 under the normal p,T conditions. From the corrected spectra, dispersion curves of the absorbance index, of both components of the dielectric permittivity, index of refraction, and molar absorption coefficient were calculated with the help of Kramers—Kronig theorem. In various orientations of the crystal the reflectance spectra in the po­ larized radiation (Rpll) do not differ significantly. This can be attributed to the poor anisotropy of the crystal and to the superposition of the LO and TO modes of vibrational bands. The dispersion curves respond in their character to the theoretical prediction.

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Chemical Papers 42 (5) 631–639 (1988)

Saturday, April 01, 2023

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