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Electrode process of deposition and dissolution of the Al-Pb binary-system in an organic electrolyte. 3. Anodic effects in Al-Pb binary-system dissolution in ethylbenzene electrolyte

M. Galová and L. Lux

Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Metallurgy, Technical University, CS-043 85 Košice


Abstract: Two peaks are observed on the anodic branch of cyclic voltammogram during the study of anodic dissolution of binary metallic Al—Pb system in organic electrolyte consisting of AlBr3+PbBr2+KBr in ethylbenzene. The current, potential, and shape of both peaks are influenced predominantly by the time period starting with the onset of cathodic deposition and ending with the start of anodic dissolution of metallic phase. This time period is given by the following parameters: rate of the voltage scan, potential of reversing the polarity, i.e. switching potential, and time of retaining the potential on the constant switching potential value, i.e. retention time. The results point out the fact that at the sufficiently long time period both metals interact and the product of this interaction dissolves in one single peak.

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Chemical Papers 42 (4) 457–465 (1988)

Monday, April 22, 2024

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