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Dissociation model of the electrical conductivity of molten salt mixtures. 1. Theory of univalent electrolytes

V. Daněk

Institute of Inorganic Chemistry, Centre for Chemical Research, Slovak Academy of Sciences, CS-842 36 Bratislava


Abstract: A new model of electrical conductivity of molten salt mixtures, based on the idea of an incomplete dissociation of electrolyte components, is proposed. In systems with a common ion the dissociation degree of the component is affected by the presence of the second component. Conse­quently, the dissociation degree of both components is not constant, but changes with the composition of the mixture, which affects the concentra­tion of the conducting particles in the electrolyte. On examples of the KCl —NaCl and KF—LiF binary systems it was shown that the "dissociation model" describes very well the course of the molar conductivity of binary systems with a common ion.

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Chemical Papers 43 (1) 25–34 (1989)

Sunday, December 15, 2019

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