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Separation of rare-earth elements. 1. Extraction of Sm, Pr, and Nd with tributylphosphate from nitrate solutions

M. Buchalová, Ľ. Komorová, M. Galová, and J. Lengyel

Laboratory f or Rare Earth Elements Chemistry of the Slovak Academy of Sciences and Technical University, CS-043 85 Košice


Abstract: The extraction of Sm, Pr, and Nd from an aqueous phase containing NaN03 and HN03 into the organic phase with tributylphosphate as an extractant and n-alkane as solvent was studied. The influence of the con­centration changes of the individual extraction system components upon the distribution ratios and separation factors was investigated. It has been observed that the distribution ratio of each studied element increases with the increasing concentration of the salting out agent, NaN03 as well as of tributylphosphate. Increasing acidity, i.e. HN03 concentration, on the other hand, brings about decrease in the distribution ratio value. The separation factors Sm/Nd and Sm/Pr range from 1.2 to 3. The results obtained are discussed from the point of view of mutual solute—solvent interactions resulting in the change of activity coefficients in both phases.

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Chemical Papers 44 (4) 557–565 (1990)

Thursday, February 29, 2024

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