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Investigation on Molecular Interaction in Binary Liquid Mixtures — Tri-n-butyl Phosphate with Both Polar and Nonpolar Liquids Using Viscosity and Ultrasonic Parameters

S. K. Dash and B. B. Swain

Sri Jayadev College of Education and Technology, Naharkanta (Puri), Orissa 752101, India


Abstract: Ultrasonic velocity and viscosity measurements, namely of TBP + methanol, TBP + ethanol, TBP + benzene, and TBP + CCl4 have been used to study molecular interaction at 303 K. Grunberg-Nissan parameter (d), excess Gibbs energy (GE) intermolecular free length (Lf), acoustic impedance (Z), isentropic compressibility (β), molar sound velocity (Um), and available volume (Va) have been calculated from these data. The excess parameters for the factors β, Z, and Va are also evaluated. TBP-methanol and TBP-ethanol interaction leads to the formation of clusters of dissimilar molecules.

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Chemical Papers 48 (3) 146–150 (1994)

Saturday, June 22, 2024

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