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Chemometric Evaluation of Direct Spectrochemical Methods in the Determination of Elements in the SiC Matrices

K. Flórián, J. Hassler, and M. Matherny

Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Metallurgy, Technical University of Košice, SК-042 00 Košice


Abstract: The chemometric evaluation of the achievement of direct spectrochemical methods for SiC matrices, and the judgement of fulfillment of the defined analytical older is based on the fundamental parameters of the information theory. These parameters, the value of information content, as well as the corresponding measure value were computed from the theoretical tolerance parameters of the analytical order. The computation was repeated for the set of parameters derived from experimental metrological characteristics. This valuation should be extended to complex determination of the degree of accuracy of the tested methods. The testing is based on the analysis of standards with certified mass fraction values by the methods in question. On the basis of determined accuracy values it is possible to calculate the information content values related to the accuracy values.

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Chemical Papers 51 (2) 91–94 (1997)

Sunday, February 25, 2024

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