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Thermal Dissociation and H2S Reactivity of Czech Limestones

M. Hartman, O. Trnka, K. Svoboda, and V. Vesel√Ĺ

Institute of Chemical Process Fundamentals, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, CZ-165 02 Prague



Received: 11 June 2002

Abstract: A differential reactor with a fixed bed of limestone/calcine particles was employed to measure their conversion to calcium oxide/calcium sulfide as mass loss/gain. The overall rate of sulfidation was found to be affected strongly by the particle size and by the conversion of calcium oxide to calcium sulfide. The obtained experimental data indicate that strong diffusional resistances develop in the interior of particles in the course of the sulfidation. The conversions of calcines from eight different, commercially exploited limestones were explored: their ultimate values are fairly high and different. The differences cannot be related to the differences in chemical composition of the rocks. The overall genesis of the limestone rocks appears to play an important role in developing their reactivity towards H2S.

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Chemical Papers 57 (5) 309–316 (2003)

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