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Current Efficiency of the Electrochemical Metal Deposition Process on Fe Powder Particles

L. Lux, M. Gálová, and R. Oriňáková

Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Metallurgy, Technical University, SK-O42 00 Košice



Abstract: The coating of powder particles with a metallic layer can be realized in an arrangement known as "fluidized bed" where the electrolyte is formed by a suspension of the bath solution and the powder particles. In the present case, the Fe powder particles have been coated with a nickel layer. The thickness of the metallic layer on the powder particles is controlled, beside other parameters, by the reactivity of the powder surface, density of suspension, current intensity, and the size of the coated powder particles. Theoretical calculation of the composition of the coated product based on an earlier developed model of charge distribution between the solid cathode and the powder particles was compared with the experimentally obtained results. Good agreement between theory and experiment was found. The differences are explained as an influence of hydroxy complexes of PE and Ni formed In the course of the process.

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Chemical Papers 52 (6) 736–740 (1998)

Thursday, February 29, 2024

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