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Solvent Effect on Electronic and Vibrational Spectra of N-Methyl-2-nitroaniline and N-Methyl-4-nitroaniline

P. Pavlát, J. Hlaváč, and V. Bekárek

Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Metallurgy and Materials Engineering, Technical University in Ostrava, CZ-708 33 Ostrava - Poruba


Abstract: Medium effect on the long-wave absorption maximum (vapour state and 35 solvents) and N-H stretching vibration (26 solvents) of the title compounds was measured and analyzed by the Reichardt, Taft-Kamlet, and PS tela methods, and by the methods of Onsanger's and Born's functions of relative permittivity and refractive index. Except the Reichardt method the applicability of the methods is satisfactory. Performed analysis points to the effect of only nonspecific interactions on the electronic spectrum of N-methyl-2-nitroaniline, effects of acidity and basicity of solvents being meaningless. The N-H stretching vibration of N-methyl-2-nitroaniline is affected by refractive index of medium only.

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Chemical Papers 52 (4) 226–229 (1998)

Thursday, June 20, 2024

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