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Differential Pulse Polarographic Study of Simple and Mixed Complexes of Copper Ions with the Antidepressant Drug Imipramine and Glutamic Acid or Histidine

M. Khodari

Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science, South Valley University, Qena, Egypt


Abstract: The formation of binary and ternary complexes of glutamic acid or histidine and imipramine with Cu(II) has been examined using differential pulse polarographic technique. The reduction of both simple and mixed systems is reversible and controlled by diffusion. The obtained results reveal the formation of mixed complexes. For the system Cu-Glu-Imip, one mixed complex was formed: Cu(Glu)(Imip)2 with stability constant log{β12} = 10.51, while the system Cu-His-Imip forms two complexes Cu(His)(Imip) and Cu(His)(Imip)2 with stabilities log{β11} = 6.25 and log{β12} = 8.77, respectively. These experimental values were compared with the statistical ones.

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Chemical Papers 52 (3) 159–162 (1998)

Sunday, June 16, 2024

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