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Thermodynamic Equilibrium between Melt and Crystalline Phase of a Compound AqBr with Dystectic Melting Point.  IV. Application to the Systems NaF—NaMgF3 and KF—KMgF3

I. Proks and V. Daněk

Institute of Inorganic Chemistry, Slovak Academy of Sciences, SK-842 36 Bratislava


Abstract: The LeChatelier-Shreder equation describing the equilibrium between crystalline phase and melt in the system A-AB when substance AB partially dissociates upon melting was applied in the systems NaF-NaMgF3 and KF-KMgF3. The dissociation enthalpy, the heat of fusion at dystectic temperature of fusion, and the degree of dissociation of compounds NaMgF3 and KMgF3, formed in the melt, were calculated without using any fictive quantity. The dissociation degrees of NaMgF3 and KMgF3 have been found to be α+ (NaMgF3) = 0.23 and α+(KMgF3) = 0.11, respectively.

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Chemical Papers 55 (3) 142–144 (2001)

Thursday, July 09, 2020

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