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Phase Equilibrium of the La(N03)3 — Phe—H20 System at 298-15 –ö and the Preparation and Characterization of Complexes

R. Fei, G. S. Li, L. Xia, and S. Q. Zhen

Department of Chemistry, Northwest University, Xi'an 710069 P.R. China


Abstract: The solubility properties of the La(N03)3 — Phe—H20(Phe = D,L-β -phenyl-α-alanine) system at 298.15 K in the whole concentration range have been investigated by the semimicrophase equilibrium method. The corresponding solubility diagram and refractive index diagram were constructed. The results indicated that there were tao stoichiometric complexes formed in this system, namely: La(Phe)(NO3)3 . 5H20 and La(Phe)2(NO3)a . 3H20. Both the complexes are incongruently soluble in water. Based on phase equilibrium data, two kinds of complexes were prepared. Their composition and properties were investigated by chemical amalysis, elemental analysis, IR spectra, and DTG-TG.

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Chemical Papers 55 (1) 23–26 (2001)

Thursday, May 23, 2024

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