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Thermochemistry of Coordination of Terbium Chloride Hydrate with Diethylammonium Diethyldithiocarbamate

C. Sanping, R. Yixia, J. Baojuan, G. Shengli, Z. Fengqi, and S. Qizhen

Department of Chemistry, Shaanxi Key Laboratory of Physico-Inorganic Chemistry, Northwest University, Xi’an, 710069, P. R. China



Received: 16 June 2003

Abstract: The complex of terbium chloride hydrate with diethylammonium diethyldithiocarbamate (DDDC) has been synthesized from the mixing of their solutions in absolute alcohol using a dry N2 atmosphere. The elemental and chemical analyses showed that the complex has the general formula Et2NH2[Tb(S2CNEt2)4]. It was also characterized by IR spectroscopy. The enthalpies of dissolution of terbium chloride hydrate and D-DDC in absolute alcohol at 298.15 K and the enthalpy changes of liquid-phase reaction of formation for the above complex at different temperatures were determined by microcalorimetry. On the basis of experimental and calculated results, three thermodynamic parameters (the activation enthalpy, the activation entropy, and the activation Gibbs energy), the rate constant, and three kinetic parameters (the apparent activation energy, the pre-exponential constant, and the reaction order) of liquid-phase reaction of complex formation were obtained. The enthalpy change of the solid-phase complex formation reaction at 298.15 K was calculated by a thermochemical cycle.

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Chemical Papers 58 (4) 232–235 (2004)

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