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Intercalation of Pyridine Derivatives and Complex Formation in the Interlayer Space of Cu(II)-Montmorillonite

E. Jóna, E. Rudinská, M. Kubranová, M. Sapietová, M. Pajtášová, and V. Jorík

Department of Chemistry and Technology of Inorganic Materials, Faculty of Industrial Technologies, Trenčín University of Alexander Dubček, SK-020 32 Púchov



Received: 9 April 2004

Abstract: Intercalation of pyridine, 4-methylpyridine, and 4-ethylpyridine into the interlayer spaces of Cu(II)-montmorillonite was investigated. The successful intercalation of these compounds through coordination to the interlayer Cu 2+ cations was confirmed by powder X-ray diffraction and infrared spectroscopy of the products. The presented solid-gas intercalation of pyridine derivatives and in situ complex formation in the interlayer spaces of montmorillonite is a feasible way to prepare clay coordination-intercalation compounds which cannot be obtained in conventional ion-exchange reactions.

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Chemical Papers 59 (4) 248–250 (2005)

Thursday, December 09, 2021

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