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RAFT agent effect on graft poly(acrylic acid) to polypropylene glycol fumarate phthalate

Akmaral Zh. Sarsenbekova, Gaziza M. Zhumanazarova, Ertan Yildirim, Yerkeblan M. Tazhbayev, and Gulshakhar K. Kudaibergen

Chemistry Faculty, Karagandy University of the Name of Academician E.A. Buketov, Karaganda, Kazakhstan



Received: 14 August 2023  Accepted: 29 December 2023


Understanding the physical and chemical properties of new-generation polymeric materials during the synthesis is very important in obtaining the desired product in design and production. Chemical, thermal, and physical parameters as well as degradation kinetics of the resins developed especially in recent years are the main stages that determine the polymer composition process that affects material selection. In this study, the potential to use RAFT agent (2-cyano-2-propyldodecyltrithiocarbonate, CPDT) in the synthesis of new polymers based on polypropylene fumarate phthalate has revealed important properties. To exemplify, the concentration of the RAFT agent affects the polymer-based mesh density associated with the yield of the product. Changes in swelling behavior and thermodynamic parameters of polymers synthesized in the presence of RAFT agent were observed. Chemical composition and stability characterizations of the synthesized grafted polymers were performed by FT-IR, 13C, 1H-NMR spectroscopy and TGA. The grafted polymers analyzed by SEM morphology were found to have hydrogel sorption potential showed signs of a loose surface and the formation of a layered and porous structure in comparison with the grafted polymers. The resulting compounds have a high swelling capacity and increased yield. At the same time, this study will shed light on the thermodynamic calculations of the graft polymers in order to determine or predicting the polymer composition.

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Keywords: Unsaturated polyester; Polypropylene glycol fumarate phthalate; Acrylic acid; RAFT polymerization

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DOI: 10.1007/s11696-024-03354-0


Chemical Papers 78 (6) 3831–3843 (2024)

Saturday, June 22, 2024

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