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Impact of organic counterions on adsorption and aggregation of single-chained cobalt-based metallosurfactant: a comparison with the inorganic chloride counterion

Anushmita Charingia, Tariq A. Wagay, Smarling Suting, and Hassan Askari

Department of Chemistry, Centre for Advanced Studies in Chemistry, North-Eastern Hill University, Shillong, India



Received: 15 August 2022  Accepted: 3 June 2023


Metallosurfactant offers fascinating properties intrinsic to the complex. The cis-Chlorobis(ethylenediamine)dodecylaminecobalt(III) chloride (CDCC) metallosurfactant was synthesized and characterized using FT-NMR, FT-IR, UV–Vis, and EDX techniques. CDCC metallosurfactant was thermally steady up to 175.72 °C. The adsorption and aggregation behaviour of the synthesized CDCC at the varying concentration of electrolytes furnishing the organic counterions and an inorganic counterion (chloride ion) were studied to investigate the edge of one over the other. The adsorption and aggregation parameters of CDCC were determined by tensiometry, conductometry, UV–vis spectroscopic, and fluorescence emission methods. Important physicochemical parameters controlling the CDCC aggregation were estimated, and the size and the morphology of metalloaggregates were assessed using Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS) and TEM methods. The stability of the CDCC solution was checked by \(\zeta\)-potential measurements. The impact of added electrolytes on micellization parameters of metallosurfactant has been attributed to the counterion effect. The counterion binding constant (β) of CDCC with different counterions is in order of CH3COO  < Cl  = CH3CH2COO  < CH3CH2CH2COO. The micellar charge neutralization in the system is to the extent of 33, 34, 36, and 34% by the counterions of the added electrolytes, namely, sodium acetate, sodium propionate, sodium butyrate, and sodium chloride, respectively.

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Keywords: Cmc; Counterion effect; Metalloaggregate; Adsorption efficiency; Zeta-potential

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DOI: 10.1007/s11696-023-02911-3


Chemical Papers 77 (10) 5931–5945 (2023)

Thursday, May 23, 2024

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