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Water-based fluorescent flexo-ink for security applications

Kashmitha Muthamma, Basana M. Gouda, Dhanya Sunil, Suresh D. Kulkarni, and Anand P.J.

Department of Chemistry, Manipal Institute of Technology, Manipal Academy of Higher Education, Manipal, India



Received: 17 September 2022  Accepted: 4 March 2023


UV-readable fluorescent ink formulations find versatile applications in various fields including information encryption, automated identification systems, security markers and optical devices. In this context, a new bithiophene-based chalcone (BTCF) that exhibits good solution phase and solid-state fluorescence was synthesized as a colourant for formulating an eco-friendly UV fluorescent ink. The molecule demonstrated good thermal stability and photophysical features including intramolecular charge transfer, confirmed through emission studies in THF–hexane mixtures with varying hexane content. The intense greenish yellow solid-state fluorescence emission displayed by BTCF was exploited by using it as a colourant in a water-based fluorescent ink formulation. Further, the ink was used to print a fast-drying solid patch on an UV dull paper substrate using flexography technique. The analysis of colorimetric, densitometric and rub resistance properties of the printed paper samples demonstrated good fluorescence, moderate photostability and good rub resistance, and hence could be used for security printing applications.

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Keywords: Bithiophene; Chalcone; Water-based formulation; UV fluorescent flexo-ink; Security printing

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DOI: 10.1007/s11696-023-02765-9


Chemical Papers 77 (7) 4033–4040 (2023)

Tuesday, May 28, 2024

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