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Gum Arabic-modified Mn-doped CuS nanoprisms for cancer photothermal treatment

Mustafa M. Muhsen, Selma M. H. Al-Jawad, and Ali A. Taha

Applied Physics Department, School of Applied Sciences, University of Technology, Baghdad, Iraq



Received: 10 March 2022  Accepted: 30 June 2022


The cancer treatment by laser-conjugated nanomaterials has become a new developing trend due of their unique physicochemical performance. In this paper, two-phase colloidal method has been used to synthesize a novel Mn-doped CuS (Mn-CuS) nanoprism with high-surface area with different Mn concentrations (0%, 1%, 3% and 5%) for first time. The characterization of synthesized Mn-CuS involved the structural, compositional, surface charges, optical and morphological properties analysis. XRD showed that the Mn-doped covellite copper sulfide nanoparticles have hexagonal structure and additional diffraction peaks, which are assigned to orthorhombic chalcocite CuS were appeared. FTIR confirmed that the CuS and Mn-CuS have been prepared by two-phase colloidal synthesis method at 180 °C. The absolute values of zeta potential were indicated the suspension of CuS and Mn-doped CuS nanoprisms was electrostatically stabilized and the nanoparticles were stable and mono-dispersed. From UV–visible analysis, the absorption spectrum of Mn-doped CuS has two peaks: the first in UV–visible wavelength range and the second in NIR range. The optical band gap of Mn-CuS decreased as the Mn concentration increased. The TEM images showed that the 1% is best percentage of Mn to produce Mn-doped CuS nanoprism with uniform shape and size distribution and less average edge lengths. The best sample nanoprism (Mn-CuS 1% nanoprisms) was modified with gum Arabic for first time to decrease the cytotoxicity and increase the biocompatibility and investigated as photothermal agent in MDA-MB-231 cancer treatment. The results showed that the cancer cells were killed effectively by GA@Mn-CuS 1% nanoprisms. This indicated that GA@Mn-CuS nanoprisms are able to be used as an efficient theranostic agent for tumor photothermal therapy in the future.Affiliations: Journal instruction requires a city and country for affiliations; however, city is missing in affiliations 1 and 2. Please verify if the provided city is correct and amend if necessary.I verified the provided city, it is correct.Please check the edit made in the article title.I am checked the edit made in the article title , It is correct.

Keywords: CuS nanoprism; Gum Arabic; Mn-doped CuS; Photothermal treatment

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DOI: 10.1007/s11696-022-02364-0


Chemical Papers 76 (11) 6821–6838 (2022)

Wednesday, July 24, 2024

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