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Investigation of degradation characteristics of complex petroleum hydrocarbons by Bacillus cereus LY-1

Jia-qi Lv, Xiao-guang Ying, Yi-lan Zhang, Bo Liu, Xu-jie Yang, and Xiao Li

Fuzhou University, Fuzhou, China



Received: 20 March 2022  Accepted: 25 June 2022


Bacillus cereus LY-1 is isolated from Indonesian oil sand with oil-sand oil as the only carbon source, and the surfactant secreted by bacteria is identified as lipopeptides. GC and GC–MS were used to study diesel oil degradation by B. cereus LY-1. GC–MS and the improved B–L method were used to study the changes in oil-sand oil composition and structural parameters due to bacterial degradation. The results of GC–MS show that the main volatile components of diesel oil are C11–C14 at 40℃, and B. cereus LY-1 has higher degradation efficiency for saturated alkanes and normal alkanes with high carbon number (C15–C24). In the experiment of degrading oil-sand oil, the four results of components show the resin in the treated oil-sand oil is reduced from 60.41 ± 1.03% to 55.03 ± 0.39%, the aromatic fraction increased from 21.04 ± 1.09% to 23.42 ± 0.7%, and the saturated hydrocarbon fraction increased from 17.59 ± 2.08% to 21.55 ± 0.44%. The results of GC–MS show that after B. cereus LY-1 treatment, long-chain saturated alkanes, aromatics, and complex aromatics can be utilized by B. cereus LY-1, and some relatively simple complex molecules are produced. The structure of oil-sand oil that became loose further illustrates this. The oil components of oil-sand oil are converted to light components, and B. cereus LY-1 has the ability to convert complex petroleum hydrocarbons into relatively simple fatty hydrocarbons.

Keywords: Bacteria; Petroleum hydrocarbons; Degradation characteristics; Bacillus cereus

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DOI: 10.1007/s11696-022-02352-4


Chemical Papers 76 (11) 6753–6765 (2022)

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