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Recycling of NH4Cl in the synthesizing process of analcime to ammonioleucite by separating NH4Cl-NaCl mixed solution

Yunfei Li, Yong Tang, Meitang Liu, and Haisheng Hu

Beijing Key Laboratory of Materials Utilization of Nonmetallic Minerals and Solid Wastes, Beijing, People’s Republic of China



Received: 31 March 2022  Accepted: 26 May 2022


During the transformation of analcime to ammonioleucite, the mol ratio of \({\text{NH}}_{4}^{ + }\): Na+ in the NH4Cl-NaCl mixed solution will seriously affect the conversion rate of ammonioleucite. How to separate the mixed solution and recover NH4Cl becomes the critical problem for the industrialization of this process. In this paper, the critical separation point of the mixed solution was testified to 8:2 (mol concentration ratio of \({\text{NH}}_{4}^{ + }\): Na+). The isothermal evaporation equilibrium method was used to explore the dissolution equilibrium law of NH4Cl-NaCl mixed solution at 343 K, 353 K, and 363 K. The separation of the mixed solution under the conditions of 343 K, 353 K, and 363 K were studied by using the three-time evaporating-cooling crystallization process. At 353 K, the recycling rate of NH4Cl can reach 91.12%. This work provides a foundation for the industrial feasibility of synthetic ammonioleucite from analcime.

Keywords: Phase diagrams; Separate; Ammonium chloride; Recycling; Ammonioleucite

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DOI: 10.1007/s11696-022-02300-2


Chemical Papers 76 (9) 5943–5954 (2022)

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