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Fabrication and characterizations of graphene/(Si, Mo)-codoped TiO2 hybrid thin films for architecture environment self-cleaning application

W. Dang and H.-Y. He

School of Energy and Architecture, Xi’an Aeronautical University, Xi’an, China



Received: 18 December 2021  Accepted: 13 April 2022


Self-cleaning is a potential technique in architecture environmental decontamination. Here we report the fabrication and self-cleaning property enhancement of the TiO2 hybridizing reduced graphene oxide (RGO) and codoping Si and Mo. The RGO/(Si, Mo)-codoped TiO2 nanostructure films were deposited by a sol–gel dip-coating process. The self-cleaning properties were characterized by photocatalytic activity, photoinduced super hydrophilicity, and conductivity. Incorporating RGO provided an efficient interface-induced effect, and doping Si and Mo enhanced this effect. Moreover, incorporating RGO and doping Si and Mo all decreased average particle size. Thus, the hybrid films showed remarkably enhanced self-cleaning properties. The transparency of the films also did not affect by RGO after doping Si and an appropriate amount of Mo.

Keywords: Nanohybrid films; Self-cleaning; Synergistic effect; Interface effect; Mechanism

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DOI: 10.1007/s11696-022-02229-6


Chemical Papers 76 (8) 5011–5022 (2022)

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