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ANOVA and DOE of comparative studies of Cu/Mn effect on corrosion features of CoCrFeNi high entropy alloy immersed in different acidic media

Ghalia A. Gaber, Shimaa A. Abolkassem, Omayma A. Elkady, Mahmoud Tash, and Lamiaa Z. Mohamed

Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science (Girls), Al-Azhar University, Cairo, Egypt



Received: 5 August 2021  Accepted: 3 November 2021


The objective of this research is to evaluate the influence of Cu/Mn on the corrosion behavior of CoCrFeNi high entropy alloys (HEAs) prepared via powder metallurgy technique using the design of experiment (DOE) and analysis of variables (ANOVA). The pure metallic powders particles’ shape and size were investigated by SEM. The sintered HEAs microstructure was studied by SEM and spot EDX analysis. The elemental distribution inside the different sintered HEAs was also studied. The thermal expansion of the different HEAs was investigated. To study the corrosion behavior, sintered alloys are immersed in different corrosive media such as HNO3, H2SO4, and HCl acidic solutions by both a chemical technique (weight-loss estimation) and electrochemical techniques. The design of the experiment (DOE) and the analysis of variance (ANOVA) may be a good way to attain this investigation by analyzing the effects of the variables and their interactions on the corrosion behavior of CoCrFeNi HEAs, which plays an important role in making the best materials choice. The CoCrFeNiCu HEAs revealed a good performance of corrosion resistance in different corrosive media.

Keywords: CoCrFeNi high entropy alloy; Powder metallurgy; Corrosion behavior; Experimental correlations; ANOVA

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DOI: 10.1007/s11696-021-01975-3


Chemical Papers 76 (3) 1675–1690 (2022)

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