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Absorption spectra of coumarin and its derivatives

Sana Fatima, Asim Mansha, Sadia Asim, and Alina Shahzad

Department of Chemistry, Government College Women University, Faisalabad, Pakistan



Received: 16 June 2021  Accepted: 24 September 2021


Natural compounds are very much important as they can cure diseases naturally without harmful effects from natural sources. Coumarin is also a natural compound and a large number of coumarins almost 1300 coumarins have been recognized from natural sources, mainly from green plants. Substitution on coumarins is responsible for their therapeutic, biochemical, and pharmacological applications. Coumarins are present in plants and can also be prepared in the laboratory. Coumarin, a drug is used in heat problems as it is an anti-coagulant i.e., it stops and helps to cure blood clots of blood vessels. This article is based upon the investigation of the absorption spectra of coumarin and its derivatives. The absorption spectra involve the study of UV–Visible spectroscopy and fluorescence spectroscopy. Solvatochromic shifts and the effects of the salts on fluorescence spectra and UV–Visible spectra will also be studied.

Keywords: Coumarin; Coumarin derivatives; HOMO–LUMO gap; Absorption spectra

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DOI: 10.1007/s11696-021-01902-6


Chemical Papers 76 (2) 627–638 (2022)

Saturday, May 25, 2024

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