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Numerical simulation of the drying characteristics of a high-moisture particle in a dynamic asymmetric impinging stream reactor

Chang Li, Song Yue, and Ming Li

Power Generation Branch, POWERCHINA Hubei Electric Engineering Corporation Limited, Wuhan, China



Received: 22 June 2021  Accepted: 19 August 2021


Short particle residence time directly corresponds to insufficient drying effect of impinging stream reactors. Drying process and particle motion behaviours of dynamic asymmetric impinging stream reactors are investigated in this paper. The relationships of the drying characteristics with the particle residence time are studied, revealing that the high-temperature area of dynamic asymmetric impinging stream reactors varies over time. The particle residence time at T = Tb reaches a maximum value and increases by 94.1% in comparison with that in the symmetric one, and the final particle moisture content reaches zero in the main active area. Reasonably setting initial parameters of fluid and particles and geometric factors can enable the drying process to be completed in the high-temperature area, even in the main active area. For given values of TEp0 and TEm, the relationships of the particle residence time with the drying characteristics are shown in Eqs. (3032).

Keywords: Impinging stream reactor; Flash drying; Particle residence time; DEM

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DOI: 10.1007/s11696-021-01832-3


Chemical Papers 76 (1) 41–56 (2022)

Monday, May 20, 2024

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