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Novel Polydimethylsiloxane membranes impregnated with SAPO-34 zeolite particles for gas separation

Bilal Haider, Muhammad Rizwan Dilshad, Muhammad Sarfraz Akram, Atif Islam, and Malte Kaspereit

Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering, Institute of Separation Science and Technology, Friedrich Alexander University (FAU), Erlangen Nürnberg, Germany



Received: 17 November 2020  Accepted: 12 July 2021


Novel polydimethylsiloxane membranes impregnated with SAPO-34 zeolite particles were synthesized using solution casting method and then analyzed by FTIR, TGA, SEM, tensile testing and permeation performances with CO2, N2, CH4, O2 and H2. SAPO-34 impregnation resulted in enhancement of both permeability and selectivity of all the gases up to 30 wt.% loading,; and beyond this threshold, further addition resulted in decline in gas permeation performances. On the basis of permeation performances, 30 wt.% filler impregnated membrane was designated as the best performance membrane, which was further chosen to analyze the effect of feed gas pressure. It has been found that gas permeation properties keep on increasing with the increase in feed gas pressure up to 20 bar. The gas permeability results of CO2 were then compared with conventional gas permeability models, and it was found that the gas permeability followed Maxwell Model. The best performance membrane was then tested for equimolar mixture of CO2/CH4 at high pressure and found that mixed gas selectivity was considerably lesser than ideal gas selectivity owing to competitive sorption phenomenon between the gases. Finally, the gas permeation properties of the best performance membrane were compared with 2008 Robeson upper bound limits and found that at 20 bar and 25 °C, the gas permeation properties surpassed the upper bound limits for CO2/N2 and O2/N2 separation and approached near to these limits for H2/N2 and CO2/CH4 separation.

Keywords: PDMS; Gas separation membranes; SAPO-34

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DOI: 10.1007/s11696-021-01790-w


Chemical Papers 75 (12) 6417–6431 (2021)

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