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Recent development of magnetic nanomaterial-supported M(Salen) composites as recyclable heterogeneous catalysts

Jie Min, Zhenhao Xia, Tiecheng Zhang, Hongying Su, Yunfei Zhi, and Shaoyun Shan

Faculty of Chemical Engineering, Kunming University of Science and Technology, Kunming, China



Received: 8 November 2020  Accepted: 30 January 2021


Metal complexes of Salen-type ligands [M(Salen)] were widely used as catalysts with high activity for coupling reactions, addition reactions and epoxidation reactions. However, homogeneous catalysts based on M(Salen) complexes are difficult to separate and recover. Therefore, it is of great significance to find suitable supports to support M(Salen) complexes and obtain composites as separable and recyclable heterogeneous catalysts. Magnetic nanomaterials, which is widely researched as an inorganic nanosupports, are advantageous for the preparation of supported M(Salen) catalysts due to their characteristics of magnetic separation, good chemical stability and easy functionalization. In this review, research works on many types of the magnetic nanomaterial-supported M(Salen) catalysts, especially their preparations and applications as heterogeneous catalysts are discussed in detail. In addition, the advantages and disadvantages of different magnetic nanomaterials-supported M(Salen) composites are described, and some recommendations and references are provided for structure design of magnetic nanomaterial-supported M(Salen) catalyst with improved magnetic separation and catalytic efficiency. At last, limitations of magnetic nanomaterial-supported M(Salen), including structural instability, tedious multistep reactions and difficulty in industrial production, are discussed and their applications as heterogeneous catalysts are prospected.

Keywords: Heterogeneous catalyst; Metal complexes of salen; Magnetic nanomaterials; Magnetic separation

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DOI: 10.1007/s11696-021-01549-3


Chemical Papers 75 (7) 2965–2980 (2021)

Thursday, May 30, 2024

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