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Pyrolysis of sugarcane bagasse for bio-chemicals production catalyzed by micro-mesoporous composite molecular sieves

Pan Wang, Yi Zheng, Xiaofei Liang, Zhijie Jia, Xinzi Wang, Yuwen Guo, and Lianhai Ren

Key Laboratory of Cleaner Production and Integrated Resource Utilization of China National Light Industry, Department of Environmental Science and Engineering, Beijing Technology and Business University, Beijing, China



Received: 11 June 2020  Accepted: 9 November 2020


The main objective of this work was to investigate the effects of metal modified micro-mesoporous composite molecular sieves ZSM-5/Al-SBA-15 on the production of valuable chemicals from the pyrolysis of sugarcane bagasse. Metal (Cu, Mg, Ga, Ni, Pd, Ce, Co, Zn) modified ZSM-5/Al-SBA-15 catalysts were prepared by two-step crystallization method and characterized by N2 adsorption–desorption, X-ray diffraction and temperature-programmed desorption of ammonia. The product distribution and composition of liquid product were also analyzed. Results showed that Ni-ZSM-5/Al-SBA-15 catalysts yielded a higher amount of liquid. The chemical compounds of liquid products contained furans, aliphatics, organic acids, phenols, aromatics and esters. Among the Me-ZSM-5/Al-SBA-15 catalysts, Ce-ZSM-5/Al-SBA-15 promoted the production of furans. The production of the main furans was 44.04 area%. Meanwhile, Pd-ZSM-5/Al-SBA-15 had the advantage of improving phenols production, followed by Ce-ZSM-5/Al-SBA-15. The productions of main phenols were 45.13 area% and 41.69 area% obtained with Pd-ZSM-5/Al-SBA-15 and Ce-ZSM-5/Al-SBA-15, respectively. Furthermore, Ce-ZSM-5/Al-SBA-15 exhibited high selectivity for light phenols. The introduction of metal for ZSM-5/Al-SBA-15 had a positive effect on enhancing valuable chemical products, such as furans and phenols.

Keywords: Sugarcane bagasse; Pyrolysis; Catalyst; Composite molecular sieves; ZSM-5/Al-SBA-15

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DOI: 10.1007/s11696-020-01425-6


Chemical Papers 75 (7) 3283–3293 (2021)

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