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Volume 75, Number 10 / 2021, Pages 4979 – 5603

Progress in research and applications of conducting polymers: topical issue 4979 4980
Stejskal, Jaroslav, Bober, and Patrycja
Intrinsically conducting polymers and their combinations with redox-active molecules for rechargeable battery electrodes: an update 4981 5007
Kondratiev, Veniamin V., Holze, and Rudolf
Conducting polymer-based electro-responsive smart suspensions 5009 5034
Dong, Yu Zhen, Kim, Hyun Min, Choi, and Hyoung Jin
Conducting polypyrrole-coated macroporous melamine sponges: a simple toy or an advanced material? 5035 5055
Stejskal, Jaroslav, Sapurina, Irina, Vilčáková, Jarmila, Humpolíček, Petr, Truong, Thanh Huong, Shishov, Mikhail A., Trchová, Miroslava, Kopecký, Dušan, Kolská, Zdeňka, Prokeš, Jan, Křivka, and Ivo
Size-dependent catalytic effect of magnetite nanoparticles in the synthesis of tunable magnetic polyaniline nanocomposites 5057 5069
Falletta, Ermelinda, Ferretti, Anna M., Mondini, Sara, Evangelisti, Claudio, Capetti, Elena, Olivetti, Elena Sonia, Martino, Luca, Beatrice, Cinzia, Soares, Gabriel, Pasquale, Massimo, Della Pina, Cristina, Ponti, and Alessandro
Application of an enzymatic cascade reaction for the synthesis of the emeraldine salt form of polyaniline 5071 5085
Kurisu, Minoru, Kissner, Reinhard, Imai, Masayuki, Walde, and Peter
A comparative study of the effect of organic dopant ions on the electrochemical and chemical synthesis of the conducting polymers polyaniline, poly(o-toluidine) and poly(o-methoxyaniline) 5087 5101
Alesary, Hasan F., Ismail, Hani K., Mohammed, Mohammed Q., Mohammed, Halgurd N., Abbas, Zaid K., Barton, and Stephen
Long-term electrochemical stability of polyaniline- and polypyrrole-based hydrogels 5103 5112
Smirnov, Michael A., Vorobiov, Vitaly K., Kasatkin, Igor A., Vlasova, Elena N., Sokolova, Maria P., Bobrova, and Natalia V.
Facilely prepared conductive hydrogels based on polypyrrole nanotubes 5113 5120
Li, Yu, Wang, Yanping, Liu, Xiaoqin, Wang, Shi, Jing, and Xinli
Conducting polyaniline nanotubes with silver nanoparticles in the separation of thiocyanate from aqueous media 5121 5132
Zaghlol, Sawsan, Ayad, Mohamad, Stejskal, and Jaroslav
A new synthetic route for the production of a thiophene-based methine-bridged type conjugated polymer 5133 5138
Ichikawa, Mai, Goto, and Hiromasa
A short overview on the synthesis, properties and major applications of poly(p-phenylene vinylene) 5139 5151
Banerjee, Joyita, Dutta, and Kingshuk
Nitrogen-containing carbon enriched with tungsten atoms prepared by carbonization of polyaniline 5153 5161
Milakin, Konstantin A., Acharya, Udit, Hromádková, Jiřina, Trchová, Miroslava, Stejskal, Jaroslav, Bober, and Patrycja
Plasma-assisted synthesis of MnO2–polyaniline composite for electrochemical sensing of dopamine 5163 5171
Cogal, Sadik, Celik Cogal, Gamze, Uygun Oksuz, and Aysegul
Nanoconducting polymer: an effective adsorbent for dyes 5173 5185
Mahmud, Habibun Nabi Muhammad Ekramul, Kamal, Salwa Jamal, Mohamad, Norhabibah, Sharma, Ashok Kumar, Saharan, Priya, Santos, Jose Hernandez, Zakaria, and Siti Nurul Azian
Overview on green synthesis of metallic nanoparticles 5187 5222
Kurhade, Pranali, Kodape, Shyam, Choudhury, and Rohit
Low-waste fermentation-derived organic acid production by bipolar membrane electrodialysis—an overview 5223 5234
Hülber-Beyer, Éva, Bélafi-Bakó, Katalin, Nemestóthy, and Nándor
Reactivity of substrates with multiple competitive reactive sites toward NBS under neat reaction conditions promoted by visible light 5235 5248
Grjol, Blaž, Jereb, and Marjan
Novel A-π-D-π-A structure two-photon polymerization initiators based on phenothiazine and carbazole derivatives 5249 5256
Li, Shanggeng, Hu, Jiaming, Zhang, Shuai, Feng, Cheng, Zhang, Longfei, Wang, Cheng, He, Zhibing, Zhang, and Lin
N–C dot/Cr (VI) nanoprobe: a fluorescent uric acid sensor 5257 5267
Mathew, Anila, Vergheese, and T. Mary
The scavenging effect of curcumin, piperine and their combination against physiological relevant reactive pro-oxidant species using in vitro non-cellular and cellular models 5269 5277
Lucas, Mariana, Freitas, Marisa, Xavier, Jadriane A., Moura, Fabiana A., Goulart, Marília O. F., Ribeiro, Daniela, Fernandes, and Eduarda
Application of magnetic-biomass-derived activated carbon as an adsorbent for the treatment of recalcitrant wastewater 5279 5295
Jun, Kwong Chia, Buthiyappan, Archina, Abdul Raman, and Abdul Aziz
Insights into pyrolysis behavior of polyacrylonitrile precursors using Py-GC/MS 5297 5311
Liu, Qian, Yang, Xinyu, Xuan, Dipan, Lu, Zhe, Luo, Fenqiang, Li, Shuirong, Ye, Yueyuan, Wang, Duo, Miao, Cunbiao, Liu, Zhun, Wang, Dechao, Zheng, and Zhifeng
Determination of Hansen solubility parameters of refined sugarcane wax 5313 5322
Hernández, Eduardo, Díaz, and Manuel
Molecular networking-based chemical profiling and anti-influenza viral and neuroprotective effects of Elaeocarpus hygrophilus Kurz. 5323 5337
Ha, Thi Kim Quy, Doan, Thi Phuong, Pham, Ha Thanh Tung, Nguyen, Ngoc Hieu, Nguyen, Trong Tuan, Bui, and Thi Buu Hue
In vitro sustained release of gallic acid from the size-controlled PEGylated magnetite nanoparticles 5339 5352
Khan, Basharat, Nawaz, Mohsan, Price, Gareth J., Hussain, Rafaqat, Baig, Ayesha, Haq, Sirajul, Rehman, Wajid, Waseem, and Muhammad
Three-dimensional magnetic enzyme-inorganic hybrid nanocomplexes with high reusability and stability to obtain lactose-free products 5353 5362
Yi, Fei, Liu, Yu-Cheng, Yang, Yun-Jia, Ji, Xing-Hu, He, and Zhi-Ke
Extraction and quantification of some valuable flavonoids from pinecone of Pinus brutia via Soxhlet and Supercritical CO2 extraction: a comparison study 5363 5373
Nuralın, Levent, Gürü, Metin, Çete, and Servet
Polyacrylamide as a corrosion inhibitor for mild steel in 2 M phosphoric acid: experimental and theoretical studies 5375 5386
Jadaa, Rasha J., Abd, Ahmed N., Khadom, and Anees A.
A promising sensitive electrochemiluminescence hydrogen peroxide sensor based on incorporated CuO nanostructures on 3-D Ni foam 5387 5401
Kamyabi, Mohammad Ali, Hajari, Nasim, Moharramnezhad, and Mohsen
A study on removal of dye, COD, turbidity, and DO enhancement from synthetic textile wastewater by using natural adsorbent in RSM design: isothermal analysis 5403 5420
Upender, H., Anand Kishore, and K.
Composites based on graphite oxide and zirconium phthalocyanines with aromatic amino acids as photoactive materials 5421 5433
Gerasymchuk, Yuriy, Tahershamsi, Leili, Tomala, Robert, Wedzynska, Anna, Chernii, Viktor, Tretyakova, Iryna, Korona-Glowniak, Izabela, Rajtar, Barbara, Malm, Anna, Piatek, Dominika, Lukowiak, and Anna
Design, synthesis and biological evaluation of some novel N'-(1,3-benzothiazol-2-yl)-arylamide derivatives as antibacterial agents 5435 5452
Gurram, Swarupa Rani, Azam, and Mohammed Afzal
Ultrasensitive nanohybrid electrochemical sensor to detect LipL32 gene of Leptospira interrogans 5453 5462
Nagraik, Rupak, Sethi, Sunil, Sharma, Avinash, Kumar, Deepak, Kumar, Dinesh, Kumar, and Avvaru Praveen
Reusable ionic liquid functionalized magnetic graphene oxide nanocomposite as magnetic dispersive solid phase extraction sorbent to preconcentrate polychlorinated biphenyls in seafood 5463 5470
Sheng, Zhen-Hua, Zhan, Ping-Ping, Ye, Ming-Li, Lu, Yin, Zhang, Yun, Lin, Qi, Zhu, Yan, Zhao, and Yong-Gang
Investigation of fluorenyl-thioic-based ditopic as a functional colorimetric probe for heavy metal cations and anions with higher selectivity towards Cu2+ followed by Zn2+, displaying logic functions: Experimental and computational studies 5471 5488
Endjala, Paulina T., Naimhwaka, Johannes, Uahengo, and Veikko
Simultaneous selective separation of silver (I) and lead (II) ions from a single dilute source solution through two supported liquid membranes composed of selective crown ethers in supra molecular solvent 5489 5502
Falaki, Foujan, Shamsipur, Mojtaba, Shemirani, and Farzaneh
Synthesis, antiulcerative, and anti-inflammatory activities of new campholenic derivatives-1,3-thiazolidin-4-ones, 1,3-thiazolidine-2,4-diones, and 1,3-thiazinan-4-ones 5503 5514
Borisova, Marina S., Ivankin, Dmitry I., Sokolov, Dmitry N., Luzina, Olga A., Rybalova, Tatjana V., Tolstikova, Tatjana G., Salakhutdinov, and Nariman F.
Effect of benzene ring and alkane chain contained bio-based plasticizers on the plasticizing performance of polyvinyl chloride films 5515 5521
Ma, Yufeng, Kou, Zhimin, Jia, Puyou, Zhou, and Jing
Analytical and in silico study of the inclusion complexes between tropane alkaloids atropine and scopolamine with cyclodextrins 5523 5533
Butnariu, Monica, Peana, Massimiliano, Sarac, Ioan, Chirumbolo, Salvatore, Tzoupis, Haralampos, Chasapis, Christos T., Bjørklund, and Geir
Silver nanopentagons-based colorimetric sensor for high-selective chromium(III) detection in aqueous solution with polyvinylpyrrolidone and citrate 5535 5541
Zhang, Zhikun, Guo, Dongan, Hu, Cuixia, Liu, and Yumin
Removal of cyanide from the gold cyanidation plant tailings using graphene-based magnetic nanocomposites 5543 5560
Shadman, S., Massinaei, M., Zeraatkar Moghaddam, and A.
Preparation and properties of novel self-crosslinking long fluorocarbon acrylate (MMA–BA–DFMA–HPMA) polymer latex with mixed surfactants 5561 5569
Shao, Tantan, Gong, Yilu, Chen, Xiaolong, Chen, and Lijun
e-Pharmacophore model-guided design of potential DprE1 inhibitors: synthesis, in vitro antitubercular assay and molecular modelling studies 5571 5585
Kumar, Avinash, Rajappan, Revathi, Kini, Suvarna G., Rathi, Ekta, Dharmarajan, Sriram, Sreedhara Ranganath Pai, and K.
Terpenes versus linear alkyl substituents: effect of the terminal groups on the oligomers derived from poly(ε-caprolactone) 5587 5598
Falcón-Torres, Paola Denisse, Morales-Segoviano, Ana Gabriela, Martínez-Salazar, Adrián Alejandro, Ortiz-Aldaco, María Guadalupe, Navarro, Rodrigo, Marcos-Fernández, Ángel, Ramírez-Hernández, Aurelio, Moreno, Karla J., Báez, and José E.
Synthesis of ( ±)-rupestine A and ( ±)-rupestine J, structural reassignment of rupestine A via ECD analysis 5599 5603
Aibibula, Paruke, Yusuf, Abdullah, Zhao, Jiangyu, Wang, Bianlin, Huang, Guozheng, Aisa, and Haji Akber

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