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ISSN electronic edition: 1336-9075
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Volume 59, Number 2 / 2005, Pages 81 – 148

Phase Equilibria in the System KF–AlF3–Al2O3 81 84
V. Danielik
Reactions of Vanadium Oxide with Cryolite 85 88
M. Chrenková, A. Silný, and F. Šimko
Tetracyanonickelates(II) of Copper(II) with Bidentate, Tridentate, and Tetradentate N-Donor Ligands 89 92
Z. Smékal, H. Strnadová, Z. Šindelář, M. Pavlíček, and J. Walla
Sequential and Single Step Extraction Procedures Used for Fractionation of Selenium in Soil Samples 93 98
I. Hagarová, M. Žemberyová, and D. Bajčan
Development of the Analytical Method for LC-MS Detection of Unknown Degradation Product of Alprazolam 99 102
L. Hanyšová, T. Grafnetterová, M. Dubovská, and J. Klimeš
HPLC Evaluation of Diclofenac in the Various Forms of Therapeutic Preparations 103 108
L. Hanyšová, M. Mokrý, P. Kastner, and J. Klimeš
Indirect Extraction-Spectrophotometric Determination of Chromium 109 112
M. Telepčáková, V. Andruch, and I. S. Balogh
Contribution to the Stereoselective Synthesis of (3’S)-3’-Isothiocyanato-3’-C-vinyl-3’-deoxyuridine and its Derivatives 113 116
M. Martinková, J. Gonda, M. Šoteková, M. Buděšinský, and I. Císařová
Synthesis and Cyclization Reactions with Quinolinyl Keto Esters. I. Chemical Reactivity of Quinolinyl beta-Keto Ester and Quinolinyl alpha,beta-Unsaturated Ketones 117 126
M. M. Ismail, E. S. Othman, and H. M. Mohamed
Synthesis and Cyclization Reactions with Quinolinyl Keto Esters. II. Synthesis of Novel 3-Diazolylquinolinones and their Enzymic Activity 127 138
M. M. Ismail and H. M. Mohamed
Influence of Solvent on the Epoxidation of Allyl Alcohol by Hydrogen Peroxide over Titanium Silicalite Catalysts 139 142
A. Wróblewska, M. Rzepkowska, S. Lenart, S. Westerlich, B. Grzmil, and E. Milchert
Lactic Acid-Fermented Vegetable Juices - Palatable and Wholesome Foods 143 148
J. Karovičová and Z. Kohajdová

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