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Volume 10, Number 4 / 1956, Pages 193 – 256

Physical properties of ethylene glycol and its derivatives. I. Solidification points of ethylene glycols in solutions 193 203
J. Dykyj, V. Kuška, and M. Šepráková
The solubility of phenol in hydrotropic solutions 204 211
L. Kňažko and Ľ. Krasnec
The physicochemical study of the clarification of beet-sugar juice. III. The determination of the electrokinetic potential on the particles of Ca(OH)2 in the saturated solution 212 221
R. Kohn and J. Vašátko
Polarographic determination of O,O-dialkyl hydroxy-ethylphosphonate derived from chloral 222 226
J. Kováč
Quantitative oscillographic polarography with a double tube oscillator 227 234
L. Molnár and K. Molnárová
The determination of glycogen in muscle tissues 242 245
T. R. Niederland, J. Gvozdják, and M. Triznová
Microanalysis of organic liquid mixtures insoluble in water by a universal flask 246 249
E. Malý
The use of a monochromator in place of a spectrophotometer 250 253
E. Plško and J. Gažo

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