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Volume 11, Number 5 / 1957, Pages 245 – 317

Prof. Dr. Pavel Michajlovič Silin: seventy years old 245 247
D. Ivančenko and J. Vašátko
Catalysts for vinyl chloride. II. Increasing the activity of the mercuric chloride catalyst by the addition of inorganic acids. Effect of the carrier of the catalyst salt on the activity and the selectivity of the catalyst 248 258
J. Janda and A. Vanko
Oscillographic and polarographic determination of quinine alkaloids 259 266
L. Molnár and K. Molnárová
The adsorption of Sudan Red III in the medium of vegetable and mineral oils 267 273
V. Jančík
The relative formation of copper, cobalt, and iron chlorocomplexes in acetone 274 280
J. Gažo
Some esters of l-N-methylephedrine 281 284
L. Dúbravková, I. Ježo, P. Šefčovič, and Z. Votický
Determination of lignin in bleached viscose cellulose 285 292
I. Slávik and Ľ. Kuniak
Using calcium saccharate from beet molasses in the production of lactic acid 293 309
J. Vašátko, M. Gärtner, and A. Kleinertová
The microcell for oscillographic polarography 310 312
M. Zikmund

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