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Volume 11, Number 1 / 1957, Pages 3 – 63

Jozef Vašátko sixty years old 3 6
The existence of the trans effect of halogen cupric complexes 7 14
J. Gažo
Catalysts for vinyl chloride. I. Calculation of the complicated reaction equilibrium in the synthesis of vinyl chloride. The specific action of sublimate catalyst 15 23
J. Janda
O,O'-Dialkyl(or diaryl)-S-trichloromethanesulfenyldithiophosphoric acid 24 29
Š. Truchlík and V. Tichý
The analysis of ferrates. I 30 34
Z. Valtr, J. Toušek, and A. Toušková
The estimation of potassium in gunpowder by sodium tetraphenylboron 35 39
J. Havíř and J. Vřešťál
The level of SH group and free L-ascorbic acid in vegetables and fruits 40 50
J. Sedlák and Š. Kaločai
The determination of B complex vitamins in corn-steep extracts by microbiological tests 51 56
E. Bělík
The synthesis of some quaternary gramine salts 57 59
L. Dúbravková, I. Ježo, P. Šefčovič, and Z. Votický

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