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Volume 16, Number 4-5 / 1962, Pages 241 – 413

Hanging-drop mercury electrode in oscillographic polarography 242 244
K. Micka
The vibrating platinum electrode in oscillographic polarography 245 249
R. Kalvoda
Jet mercury electrode for oscillographic polarography 250 253
H. Woggon and D. Spranger
Stabilized oscillopolarograms with a vibrating mercury drop electrode 254 257
J. Fiby
Photographic recording in the oscillographic determination of some metals after electrolysis 258 260
P. Beran
A vibrating mercury drop electrode for the oscillographic polarography 261 263
V. Jedlička and J. Horyna
Catalog system for recording oscillopolarograms in the atlas form 264 265
L. Molnár
Oscillographic polarography in quantitative analysis. XVI. Oscillopolarographic microanalysis 266 272
R. Kalvoda and I. M. Pavlová
Oscillopolarographic titration of phosphates 273 275
E. Szyszko
Oscillographic determination of sulfonyl chlorides 276 279
J. Černák and A. Blažej
Oscillopolarography of molybdates and tungstates 280 284
E. Bodor and M. Maleczki-Szeness
Oscillopolarographic behavior of some tungsten-VI compounds 285 288
Ľ. Treindl and H. Matschiner
Oscillographic polarography in quantitative analysis. XVII. Determination of iron manganese, and copper in mineral ores 289 294
J. Doležal and V. P. Gladyshev
Oscillographic polarography in quantitative analysis. XVIII. Analysis of alloys 295 301
R. Jezdinsky
Oscillographic behavior of bivalent metals in thiocyanatehexamethylenetetramine solutions 302 305
Oscillopolarographic behavior of some ethylenediaminechromium(III) complexes 306 310
E. Fisherová and O. Fisher
Oscillographic polarography of organic compounds in anhydrous NH4NO3nNH3 311 315
J. Matysik
Oscillopolarographic behavior of some organophosphorus compounds 316 319
H. Sohr
Oscillopolarographic study of organoselenium compounds 320 324
B. Nygard
Oscillographic examination of some orthosilicic acid derivatives 325 329
T. Damakos
Oscillopolarographic behavior of some simple ketones in acid solution 330 337
R. Kalvoda
Oscillopolarographic behavior of ketones in alkali medium 338 341
M. Heyrovský
Oscillopolarographic proof of the mechanism of electrolytic, hydrolytic, and photolytic reactions 342 347
H. Berg
Oscillopolarographic study of the reversible reduction of aminoazo compounds 348 353
G. Horn
Investigation of adsorption waves. V. The oscillopolarographic behavior of certain anthraquinonemono- and -disulfonic acids 354 357
G. Palyi and F. Peter
The oscillopolarographic behavior of urea and its derivatives 358 362
G. Dušinský
The oscillopolarographic behavior of steroids. II 363 364
V. Morávek
Oscillopolarographic determination of some corticoids 365 367
C. C. Stockmann
Oscillopolarographic behavior of pterins 368 372
J. Komenda and L. Kišová
Systematic identification of drugs 373 374
G. Dušinský
Oscillographic polarography of alkaloids in ipecacuanha root. Comparison with papaverine alkaloids 375 379
M. Maturová
The polarographic and oscillopolarographic study of physostigmine 380 386
V. Parrák and E. Radějová
Application of oscillographic polarography in aconitine poisoning 387 388
F. Musil
Oscillopolarographic analysis of food colors 389 394
F. Nagy and J. Sohár
Oscillopolarographic examination of protein 395 398
L. W. Waltscheva
The relationship between the structure and oscillopolarographic behavior of some amino acids and peptides 399 402
D. Kaláb
Oscillopolarographic behavior of some proteins 403 405
O. Mach
Oscillopolarographic behavior of deoxyguanylic acid and other derivatives of purine 406 410
E. Paleček and B. Janik
Applications of oscillographic polarography in toxicology 411 413
J. Prokeš, F. Vorel, and V. Doležal

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