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ISSN electronic edition: 1336-9075
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Volume 16, Number 1-2 / 1962, Pages 1 – 167

Equation of phase equilibrium 1 9
J. Dykyj
Comparison of the equations expressing phase equilibriums 10 19
J. Dykyj and P. Kľúčovský
Adsorption equilibriums of trichloroethylene on active carbon 20 27
Š. Kachaňák, K. Gaura, and J. Szauderová
Polarographic behavior of actinomycins 28 43
M. Fedoroňko and H. Berg
Peroxide-initiated changes in polyolefins 44 55
R. Rado
Conversion of technical mixtures of polyhydric phenols into resinous products. III. Condensation of pyrocatechol residues with formaldehyde in alkali 56 59
J. Gašperík, K. Zvachová-Huppmannová, and J. Zvach
Preparation of p-iodophenyl isothiocyanate labeled with sulfur-35 and iodine-131 60 64
Changes of acetals under the conditions of the oxo synthesis 65 72
V. Macho, M. Marko, and M. Čiha
The effect of ammonia on the oxo synthesis 73 81
V. Macho
The preparation of alkyl esters of cis,cis-Δ9,12-octadecadienoic acid and cis,cis,cis-Δ9,12,15-octadecatrienoic acid. I 82 88
Š. Kováč
The preparation of alkyl esters of cis,cis-Δ9,12-octadecadienoic acid and cis,cis,cis-Δ9,12,15-octadecatrienoic acid. II. 89 95
Š. Kováč
Phthalides and 1,3-indandione. X. Condensation of phthalic anhydride with arylacetic acids under the conditions of the Perkin reaction 96 104
Steroidal alkaloids from veratrum album variety Lobelianum. IV. Selenium dehydrogenation of veralcamine 105 108
J. Tomko, J. Suchý, and I. Bendík
The preparation of ethylene glycol monoester of methacrylic acid 109 112
J. Leško, M. Rosenberg, and K. Sýkora
The isolation of 4-pregnene-17α,20α,21-triol-3,11-dione of endogenous origin 113 118
M. Š. Kandráč
The effect of chlorinated egg albumen on microorganisms 119 127
J. Vašátko and Ľ. Stankovič
The pyrohydrolytic determination of fluoride. I. The effect of activators on the temperature at the beginning of hydrolysis 128 134
K. Matiašovský and C. Kubík
Sulfite cooking of viscose pulp. XV. The effect of xylose on the decomposition of sulfur dioxide solutions 135 139
I. Slávik
The constitution of vincamine 140 150
J. Mokrý, I. Kompiš, J. Suchy, P. Šefčovič, and Z. Votický
The paper chromatography of thio-6-azauracils 151 156
F. Horák
Professor Václav Kubelka. 70 years old 160 162
A. Blažej
Academician Jozef Vašátko. 65 years old 163 164

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