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Volume 18, Number 1 / 1964, Pages 3 – 80

The association of tris(ethylenediamine)chromium(III) ion with halogen ions 3 8
V. Holba
The mobility of the dihydrophosphite ions and the dissociation constant of phosphorous acid in the methanol medium 9 12
J. Podlaha
The degradation of polycarbonates 13 20
B. M. Kovaraskaya
Tetravinylsilane 21 27
I. Šimek
Determination of sialic acid by paper chromatography 28 31
O. Markovič
Nutrients in lactic acid fermentation. I. Various sources of sucrose 32 44
D. Haľama, P. Veľký, and V. Drahoš
The effect of oxygen on the refractive elasticity of natural rubber during thermal destruction 45 47
P. Králik
Nondestructive determination of indium in intermetallic fusions by neutron activation analysis with a Po + Be source 48 55
J. Tölgyessy, C. P. Popov, G. I. Stefanov, and T. T. Tomov
Determination of sugars by paper chromatography 56 62
F. Rendoš

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