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Volume 19, Number 6 / 1965, Pages 441 – 512

Kinetics of the substitution reactions of chromium(III) complexes. III. The solvation of the trans-dithiocyanatobis(ethyl-enediamine)chromium(III) ion 441 446
V. Holba
Salts of periodic acid. X. Lead periodates 447 455
M. Drátovský and J. Matějčková
The absorption of hydrofluoric acid in aqueous solutions 456 461
M. Paučírová, K. Matiašovský, and M. Malinovský
Temperature dependence of the vapor pressure of phenyl isopropyl ether 462 464
J. Heinrich, J. Surový, and J. Dojčanský
Radiocoulometric titration with a nonisotopic indicator in the solid phase 465 469
J. Tölgyessy, V. Jesenák, T. Braun, and M. Hradil
Determination of 131I by an extraction method 470 474
M. Brutovský, M. Zaduban, J. Baňas, and G. Liptáková
Spectrographic determination of beryllium in silicates 475 480
A. Špačková and M. Plosová
Cinnamohydroxamic acid, a reagent for the detection of Fe(III) 481 484
V. Špringer and I. Benedikovič
Separation of water-soluble components in spent liquor from wood methanolysis 485 489
L. Pavlíčková, M. Štolbová, and J. Velek
The thermal degradation of polystyrene 490 496
O. Kyseľ
Thin-layer chromatography in narrow chambers with variable diameter 497 502
E. Porges and L. Porgesová

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