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Volume 19, Number 3 / 1965, Pages 153 – 248

The Walden inversion in the reactions of cobalt complexes 153 160
J. C. Bailar
The chemistry of MeO2n+ oxidation compounds 161 166
A. Bartecki
Crystal chemistry of hydroxyfluoro complexes of arsenic and antimony 167 171
W. Haase
Crystal structure of ternary oxides of alkali metals 172 176
R. Hoppe
Electronic structure and chemical bonding in cyanonitrosyl complexes of transition metals 177 185
B. Jeźowska-Trzebiatowska and J. Ziólkowski
Preparation and magnetic behavior of [Fe(phen)2X2] complexes 186 191
K. Madeja
Structure of vanadium(III) hydroxo complexes 192 199
L. Pajdowski
Metal complexes of mercaptophosphines 200 208
G. Schwarzenbach
Determination of polysubstituted complexes by the method of potentiometric surfaces 209 214
A. Swinarski and J. Wojtczakowa
Phthalocyanines of transition metals, with unusually low oxidation states of the central atom 215 220
R. Taube
The study of the electronic structure of the rhenium(IV) dinuclear complexes by the isotope-exchange method 221 228
S. Wajda
Structure of diamagnetic dinuclear complexes of molybdenum(V) 229 235
W. Wojciechowski, B. Jezowska-Trzebiatowska, and N. Rudolf
Crystal chemistry of tellurium 236 239
J. Zemann

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