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ISSN electronic edition: 1336-9075
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Volume 20, Number 1 / 1966, Pages 3 – 96

Derivatives of ferrocenes. XIV. Synthesis of new substances by Michael addition starting from chalcones of cinnamoylferrocene type with active reactants 3 17
M. Furdík and Š. Toma
Effect of sulfur compounds on the polymerization of vinyl monomers. I. Influence of tetramethylthiuram disulfide on the polymerization of styrene 18 27
E. Štaudner, J. Beniska, and G. Znamenáková
Interpolymer efficiency of cross-linking of the atactic polypropylene-polyethylene-dicumyl peroxide blend 28 36
M. Lazár and J. Bartoň
Mechanism of action of the triethylenetetramine-ferrous sulfate system in grafting 37 42
D. Mikulášová and P. Citovický
Effect of the degree of atacticity and degree of crystallization on the dynamic-mechanical properties of polypropylene 43 54
I. Šimek and J. Šmíd
Mechanical degradation of atactic polypropylene 55 60
A. Romanov
Sorption of acrylonitrile vapors by polymers containing preadsorbed benzoyl peroxide 61 68
A. Hrivík
Thioxo analogs of 6-azauracil. IV. Distribution of 2-thio-6-azathymine in rats 69 78
F. Horák and O. Thomesová
Synthesis of substituted benzhydrylamines by Leuckart reaction 79 84
J. Kalamár and B. Ryban
Isothiocyanates. XV. The separation of isothiocyanates by thin-layer chromatography 85 87
E. Komanová and K. Antoš
Prof. Dr. Juraj Gašperík 95 96

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