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Volume 20, Number 10 / 1966, Pages 697 – 816

Measurement of kinetics of thermal decomposition of calcium carbonate by a thermobalance with a quartz spiral and optical recording 697 715
I. Proks
Phase complexes from equilibrium phase diagrams. II 716 728
M. Malinovský
Effect of radiation on the halogenating activity of halocopper(II) and haloiron(III) complexes 729 737
G. Ondrejovič, J. Čislovová, and Ján Gažo
The crystal chemistry of complex fluorides of the general formula A2MF6 The refinement of the structure (NH4)2SiF6 738 751
F. Hanic
Nickel(II) complexes with thiosemicarbazide. I. Several new square planar and octahedral complexes of the type NiX2(thio)2 752 762
A. Sirota, T. Šramko, and J. Kohout
Complex compounds of copper with organic ligands. IV. Modification of bis(salicylato)bis(pyridine)copper(II) complex 763 774
J. Garaj and J. Krätsmár-Šmogrovič
Titanium(III) chloro complexes. II. Reaction course of titanium chloride with pyridine in [TiCl3(py)3] complex formation 775 782
M. Zikmund, A. Valent, M. Blažeková, and Ľ. Štepničková
Crystal structure of sulfatodihydroethylenediaminecopper(II) complex 783 788
M. Dunaj-Jurčo and M. A. Porai-Koshits
Chemistry of rare earth elements. XXXII. Scandium phosphate 789 791
F. Petrů and A. Muck
Chemistry of rare earth elements. XXXIII. Acetate complexes of trivalent Group III metals. 3. Paper ionophoresis of scandium and yttrium acetate complexes 792 794
F. Veselý, F. Petrů, and F. Mader
Copper(II) cyanato complexes in acetone 795 801
M. Quastlerová and Z. Valtr

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